Stross is Losing It

A little late to jump on this bandwagon, but Chuckles has really been getting on my tits lately. I used to enjoy Stross, and look forward to his next offering. But he’s gone seriously down hill lately. And is letting his obsessions run away with him. His last three (3) books have featured American evangelicals as villains. There seems to be an anti-American eurosnot commiefag sf mafia centered in Endinburgh. Not that any of these clowns has a clue what they are talking about. Hey Chuck, in a world full of Islamic whack-jobs you’re concerned about Christians? What did they ever do to you? (To be clear, I’m an atheist, I have nothing but contempt for young Earth, biblical literalist, creationist Christholes)

Stross knows next to nothing about politics, economics and the US, yet he pontificates shamelessly about all the above. I know for a fact that Stross can spell “Hayek”. Too bad he never read him, he might learn something. That is if all his little gray dendrites aren’t fully occupied with P=NP variations. Dunning Kruger anyone? Bueller?

Probably some sort of baleful influence from commie faggot scumbag ignorant creep Dr. Oh.

Oh for the days when Chuck was an exciting new sf author with an exciting and original take on the singularity, space travel, god the universe and everything. What ever happened to that author and who is this lame hack who replaced him?


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